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Welcome to One Fact.

A story about a girl who meets this guy and he's like... gay and stuff. BL/Shoujo Manga yeah if you guys want me to update more often then bother the fuck out of my on da or tumblr because i forget like shit load bahaha.


I'm so happy I got One fact even to such a part!
Thanks guys! For being so patient towards me as well! LOL You know this story is casually long and I might have to make a Onefact Book 2 or something like that XD its not like "OH LETS HAVE A ROMANCE NOW AND LETS HAVE SEX NOW." No. No. No. No.. NO. NO NONONONOONOO...!! No. Well yes there is romance and of course bleepity bleep... in there...
It's a slow story but it'll eventually come to its climax and of course. ITS ENDING. You guys might like it a lot. OR actually even hate it. There are some parts I dread to have typed in the story. But it creates this uniqueness to it. You'll see. EVENTUALLY.
I hope you like it so far. Like this is just BARELY THE BEGINNING I swear! There is so much more to see. And of course to read! :)

Leslie/Lilly AND LAZLO.

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